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IIE-SRF provides academic, professional, and cultural resources for IIE-SRF scholars during the fellowship to settle into their new academic host communities, as well as to prepare them for an informed transition into the global workforce after the fellowship.

Whether or not scholars are able to return to their home countries after the completion of the fellowship, IIE-SRF provides tailored assistance and resources during and after the fellowship to help our fellows remain active in their academic field until it is either safe to return home and assist in rebuilding and reconstructing their home countries, or to reestablish their careers for the long-term in exile.

The resources provided here are intended to guide our fellows upon arrival in their host countries, to provide them with training and advice for developing writing, foreign language, networking, and other professional skills, and finally to assist them with finding potential jobs and grant opportunities upon the conclusion of the fellowship.

Please contact for more information about any of these resources, or to provide us with any feedback or suggestions.