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Please join our efforts to assist scholars under threat. IIE-SRF seeks accredited higher education and research institutions that would welcome IIE-SRF fellows as visiting faculty to teach, conduct research, and/or engage in other academic and community activities.

Host institutions may be identified by:

  • The IIE-SRF team

  • IIE-SRF fellows, before or after a fellowship is awarded

  • Institutions themselves, when they refer a scholar or express interest in hosting

How to become a host:

Contact us. The best way to express your interest in becoming a host is to write to us at or call us at +1-212-205-6486. From there, we can answer any questions you have and guide you through the process of partnering with us.

Learn more about scholars seeking academic positions. View a list of IIE-SRF fellows who are seeking placements here. Upon request, we can provide a more detailed document that includes anonymous scholar bios with additional information regarding their academic backgrounds and situations of threat. If an institution is interested in exploring a hosting arrangement for a specific scholar, we will forward a comprehensive placement dossier, which includes a detailed summary of the scholar’s background and situation, CV, letters of reference, and publication samples.

Refer a scholar. An institution wishing to become a host that is in touch with a scholar who may be eligible for IIE-SRF support can refer the scholar for fellowship consideration. Please see the pages regarding eligibility and the IIE-SRF application for more information about who might qualify and how to apply. If an institution refers a scholar it would like to host, the scholar should include a reference letter from the institution as part of his or her application. The letter from the host institution should indicate the intent and ability to host in the event that the scholar is awarded the IIE-SRF fellowship.

Respond to a request by IIE-SRF or an IIE-SRF fellow. IIE-SRF and our fellows conduct targeted outreach to potential host institutions and may contact specific academic departments or centralized administrative contacts.

Hosting timeline:

Each hosting arrangement is different and may follow a unique timeline based on the circumstances and needs of the host and IIE-SRF fellow, but most fellowship appointments include many or all of the following milestones:

  1. Review the list of scholars seeking academic appointments.
  2. Identify a scholar who would be a good fit for the institution. If helpful, IIE-SRF can arrange email communications or phone/Skype calls between the host and scholar in order to help ensure the best academic fit.
  3. Finalize the details of the fellowship appointment, including the position dates, funding package, and expectations for fellowship activities. Issue a letter of invitation to the scholar.
  4. Begin the visa sponsorship and application process, if necessary, and start to plan for the scholar’s arrival to campus. These plans may include identifying short- or long-term housing for the scholar (and his/her family, if relevant).
  5. Finalize the hosting agreement with IIE-SRF, outlining the details of the appointment and the responsibilities of each party. (This is provided by IIE-SRF.)
  6. Working with the host and the scholar, IIE-SRF arranges the scholar’s travel to the host institution.
  7. The host institution welcomes the IIE-SRF fellow to campus.