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”Rescuing these scholars ensures that their accumulated knowledge will be passed on to countless students and future generations. This multiplier effect is essential to a brighter future.” - IIE-SRF Chairman Mark A. Angelson

The support and partnership of the international academic community is critical to the work of IIE Scholar Rescue Fund (IIE-SRF). IIE-SRF works closely with each host institution to arrange a yearlong visiting position that meets the needs of both the IIE-SRF fellow and the institution. As a visiting scholar, the IIE-SRF fellow might contribute to ongoing research or begin original research; complete pending publications; teach or co-teach; guest lecture in one or across departments; and/or serve as an on-campus resource to both students and faculty within any range of fields or subject matters. Beyond their academic activities, fellows may also be interested to share their personal experiences and knowledge related to their home countries and regions.

If conditions in their home countries improve, fellows may return after their fellowships to make meaningful contributions to their national academies and communities. If safe return is not possible, they may use the fellowship period to identify longer-term opportunities.

The IIE-SRF fellowship benefits both the fellow and the host institution. The fellowship package includes the following elements:

   For the Scholar

   For the Host

  • A financial award of up to $25,000 to support a visiting academic appointment of up to one year (renewable for a second year)
  • Relocation funding and assistance
  • Individual health insurance coverage
  • Professional development support and access to academic networks; letters of reference; career mentorship and advising on post-fellowship opportunities; and (in some cases) financial support for conference attendance and language training
  • Resources and contacts for assistance with family and legal matters
  • Opportunities through IIE-SRF or partner events, media, or other venues to share or promote the fellow’s academic work and/or speak about his/her home country
  • Dedicated support from IIE-SRF and its partners – before, during, and after the fellowship.
  • Unique expertise and perspective from an international scholar
  • Internationalization and diversification of the host community
  • Opportunity to respond to critical issues facing scholars and higher education globally
  • Extensive academic and background vetting of each fellowship recipient
  • Financial and logistical support for the fellow's travel to the host institution
  • Support of the fellow and the host partner throughout the fellowship appointment
  • Advice on concerns as they may arise
  • Access to the IIE global network of partnering institutions
  • Ability to participate in IIE efforts to raise awareness of issues impacting higher education globally


Dedicated host partners supplement support from IIE-SRF by providing critical academic, social, and matching financial assistance. To arrange a visiting appointment for an IIE-SRF fellow, host partners are asked to:

  • Arrange a yearlong visiting appointment by identifying a departmental host, contact persons/mentors, compensation and benefits, and other services or campus resources;
  • Provide financial support equal to or greater than the IIE-SRF fellowship award. This support generally takes the form of a stipend or other direct benefits that would offset the fellow’s cost of living such as housing, airfare, or health insurance. Other in-kind contributions such as office space, computer and library access, or laboratory/bench fees are encouraged for a complete fellow support package but do not qualify as part of the matching contribution.
  • Facilitate the appropriate visa or work permit for the fellow, if required;
  • Receive the IIE-SRF fellowship funds;
  • Distribute in full during the fellowship term the combined IIE-SRF and host matching support, waiving any administrative or overhead fees and assuming all taxation responsibilities;
  • Provide faculty mentoring and staff assistance to help the fellow adjust to the host institution and local community;
  • Report to IIE-SRF on the fellow’s scholarly achievements and other successes or challenges during the fellowship period by completing and submitting to IIE-SRF midterm and final report forms.

To learn more about becoming an IIE-SRF host partner, please contact us directly at or visit our Frequent Questions page.

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