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June 20, 2010 to June 23, 2010

A total of seventy Iraqi scholars and key strategic partners assembled in Amman, Jordan June 20th-23rd for a series of workshops organized by IIE-SRF. Iraqi scholar-grantees traveled from Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Iraq (including Kurdistan), and the United Arab Emirates to attend the workshops in Amman, where they joined with the large group of over fifty Jordan-based Iraqi scholars in four days of critical examination and discussion of topics such as the role of leadership in higher education and the history and reconstruction of the higher education and science sectors in Iraq. The workshops included a two-day session on the role of leadership in higher education led by IIE Senior Advisor for Leadership and Capacity-Building, Dr. William Dant.  In addition, the University of York’s Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit (PRDU) will facilitate a one-day workshop in preparation for a January 2011 major international conference on reconstruction and higher education in Iraq. 

Pictured Below: Day 3 Panel featuring Professor Sultan Barakat, Dr. Munther Numan, Dr. Allan Goodman, Dr. Sharon Linzey, Mr. Max Angerholzer and Mr. James Miller III.