A legacy of rescue. A beacon of hope.

The Institute of International Education Scholar Rescue Fund® (IIE-SRF) formalizes an unwavering commitment that IIE has demonstrated for nearly a century to preserve the lives, voices, and ideas of scholars around the globe. IIE-SRF fellowships support visiting appointments for threatened scholars to continue their work in safety at partnering academic institutions worldwide. At the heart of IIE-SRF is the idea that each scholar we help who continues his or her work in safety is a beacon of hope in our world.

Since 2002, IIE-SRF has assisted 698 scholars from 56 countries, placing them at over 360 host partner institutions in 42 countries around the world.

Together we can make a difference. One life, one voice, one idea at a time.

Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year, and qualified applications will be reviewed by the IIE-SRF Selection Committee on a quarterly basis. For consideration in June 2017, application materials must be submitted by Monday, May 8, 2017. For priority consideration for the first round of fellowships from the Baden-Württemberg Fund for Persecuted Scholars, please submit application materials no later than March 15, 2017.

Because of high demand for IIE-SRF assistance, the program is not able to grant fellowship support to all applicants who meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

Baden-Württemberg Fund for Persecuted Scholars:
Accepting Applications

The Scholar Rescue Fund is pleased to be a contributing partner of the Baden-Württemberg Fund for Persecuted Scholars, a new multilateral program established in response to ever-increasing requests for assistance from persecuted scholars around the world.  The Baden-Württemberg Fund supports visiting research appointments at universities and other higher education institutions within the German state of Baden-Württemberg, where scholars can continue their work in freedom and safety.  Eligible scholars include professors, senior researchers, and public intellectuals from any country, academic field, or discipline who are facing -- or have recently fled from -- immediate and targeted threats to their lives and/or careers in their home countries or countries of permanent residence.

In order to be considered for this initiative, eligible scholars must apply directly to the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund by submitting the Scholar Rescue Fund application materials, noting their interest in the Baden-Württemberg program.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The Baden-Württemberg Fund Selection Committee, comprised of German and U.S. representatives, will select all final candidates. Fellowships will be for one year, with the possibility of a one-year renewal.

This new program is set up as a public-private partnership involving the Ministry of Science, Research, and Arts of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, the Max Jarecki Heidelberg Foundation, and the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund. Fellowships will be co-funded by contributions from the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung and the Max Jarecki Heidelberg Foundation.  The program will be coordinated with the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund’s global programming, as well as with other efforts to assist threatened academics.

Cover: LASA Forum newsletter


Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Forum

Protecting Academic Freedom and Higher Education Academies in Crisis  |  January 19, 2017

The LASA Forum newsletter features an article on IIE-SRF.

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April 6, 2017
The Role of Science Diplomacy in International Crises: Syria as a Case Study
Science & Diplomacy

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) organized a symposium titled “The Role of Science Diplomacy in International Crises: Syria as a Case Study” to discuss ways for the international science and technology communities to respond to crises and published their findings in Science & Diplomacy

February 7, 2017
Can American Universities Protect Democracy?
Huffington Post

This article from the Huffington Post offers the opinion of Ford Foundation Professor Frenando Reimers, as he explores how higher education is crucial to American democracy. 

February 13, 2017
Philipp Schwartz Initiative Call for Applications

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has announced a third round of funding for its Philipp Schwartz Initiative (PSI). German universities and research institutions are invited to apply for PSI support to host threatened scholars who are under threat from political persecution and war. Up to 30 fellowships will be available for scholars to continue their research for two to three years at German institutions under the initiative. Applications must be submitted by April 21, 2017. IIE-SRF continues to be a proud partner to PSI, providing German institutions with assistance in identifying and evaluating candidates, pre- and post-arrival advice, and transition support for PSI fellows completing the fellowship. For more information, visit the Philipp Schwartz Initiative website.

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