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A legacy of rescue. A beacon of hope.

The Institute of International Education Scholar Rescue Fund® (IIE-SRF) formalizes an unwavering commitment that IIE has demonstrated for nearly a century to preserve the lives, voices, and ideas of scholars around the globe. IIE-SRF fellowships support visiting appointments for threatened scholars to continue their work in safety at partnering academic institutions worldwide. At the heart of IIE-SRF is the idea that each scholar we help who continues his or her work in safety is a beacon of hope in our world.

Since 2002, IIE-SRF has assisted 643 scholars from 55 countries, placing them at over 350 host partner institutions in 41 countries around the world.

Together we can make a difference. One life, one voice, one idea at a time.


We Will Stop Here and Go No Further

Syrian University Students and Scholars in Turkey (2014)

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May 22, 2016
Syria’s exiled academics tell their stories
Times Higher Education

Unlike many countries suffering a major humanitarian crisis, Syria had “a quite strong and accessible higher education system prior to the war”, James King, the assistant director of the New York-based Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund, explains in an interview. 

“As hundreds of thousands of Syrians seeking refuge make their way to our shores,” the editors of Syrian Academics in Exile note in their introduction, “migration systems are collapsing, border fences are shooting up and far right ideologies which demonise all migrants are gaining ground.” 

Their collection is specifically designed to “serve as a reminder of the variety of Syrian academic expertise that exists around the world and offer a window into the wide variety of research being carried out by scholars in exile, not only in the social sciences, but also in other natural and applied sciences, e.g. engineering, healthcare, philosophy and in many interdisciplinary fields”.

May 20, 2016
Supporting academics in exile nearby is key to future
University World News

A Syrian scholar writes about the obstacles and choices facing Syrian scholars affected by war and violence in their home country. 

"Syrian academics, in particular, are exposed to great risks in this conflict. They are faced with not just expressing their rejection of the oppressive practices of the Syrian regime against its own people and the extremist groups that operate to impose their ideas by force, but also speaking up about what is happening around them – the killing of civilians who are merely asking for their freedom and for their dignity."

June 1, 2016
The Role of Science Diplomacy in International Crises: Syria as a Case Study
American Association for the Advancement of Science

AAAS will host a symposium on “The Role of Science Diplomacy in International Crises: Syria as a Case Study,” on June 1, 2016. The program will explore the role of science diplomacy in international crisis response and recovery. Along with IIE-SRF Director, Sarah Willcox, an IIE-SRF fellow from Syria will participate on a panel to explore immigration challenges and potential areas of policy reform. 

May 19, 2016
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May 6, 2016
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